in 1965 : First emergency action in the field

Championing children since 1960


The people behind Terre des hommes

Terre des hommes was created 60 years ago with a mission to rescue children in distress, no matter who they were or where they might be.

We have worked with families, communities and experts to save the lives of millions of children, and to improve their health and well-being. Over the last six decades, our growing expertise in child protection has enabled young people to reclaim their childhoods, even during crises when their whole lives were falling apart. Our volunteers and donors have supported us daily from the day we were founded.

What we are today, and what we fight for – the protection of the most disadvantaged children – we owe to your support. You, the hundreds of thousands of people who have contributed to the organisation’s history, who have fought with us and supported us, along with the children, families and their communities who have participated in and helped us improve our projects.

Meet the people behind Terre des hommes!

Healthcare for children: the first activities of Terre des hommes

Nothing would have been possible without our supporters...

…and the unwavering commitment of our staff in the field

Today, children and young people are not only at the heart of our projects but they play a full role in them.

A 60-year commitment to children

How did it look like in the past?

Discover how Tdh has changed over time.

Our magazine ‘Courage’ used to be ‘La trompette’ (The Trumpet) and looked completely different, but our oranges haven’t aged a wrinkle since they were first sold in 1962.

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What’s next for Tdh?